Winter Syrup

A spiced syrup that I employ in most of my “wintery” drinks to add a familiar flavor of the holidays.


  • 3 parts Sugar
  • 2 parts Brown Sugar
  • 5 1/2 parts Water
  • Mulling Spices in a tea satchel
    • Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Cloves, All Spice
  • Earl Grey Tea


  1. Place all of the Sugar into a pot
  2. Add water, and stir
  3. Next add all spices and tea
  4. Let the mixture simmer and steep for about 5 minutes or until everything has mixed.

Tip: I love Martinelli’s premixed mulling spices, they come in tea bags and are individually packed. They definitely make life easier!



Irish Frost

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Irish Frost; January 23, 2016

A simple recipe for a rich vanilla ice cream with notes of coffee, earl grey, and wintery spice. A perfect way to enjoy a cold blizzard day.

This one came to me as I was watching the fresh snow pile up on my balcony. As a native of Southern California, snow is far from being a regular thing (It’s actually a 3 hour drive to get to the snow), because of this, I have been in awe every moment of my first blizzard in DC! As a mixologist that only uses pure or high quality mixers, I had to take advantage of the crisp and freshly ladden snow.


  • 1 Shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 1 Shot of Winter Syrup
  • 1/2 Shot of Pure Vanilla Extract
  • A bowl of Snow
  • Brown Sugar to garnish


  1. Find freshly fallen Snow and scoop into a bowl. Its important that it’s fresh for obvious reasons, If you use old snow, your disgusting, and you’re doing it at your own peril. Literally only use snow that just fell from the sky.
  2. Pour the Vanilla Extract over the snow.
  3. Pour the syrup over the snow.
  4. Pour the Bailey’s over the snow.
  5. Mix gently. If it begins to melt too quickly, add more snow.
  6. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with brown sugar.